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Here at UK Garage Door Spares, we are dedicated to supplying only the best and top quality garage door spares, springs, transmitters and handles. Taking only products from the best manufacturers, every product within our range is guaranteed to be just what you’re looking for.

Take our transmitters for example; with prices ranging from £54 and less, we can ensure that you get only the best quality products from the price range that you’re working with. Our Hormann HSD 2-A Aluminium Hand Transmitter is quite possibly the daddy of the range; both stylish and durable, the transmitter offers a two-band control ensuring the protection of both you and your property via up to a maximum of two gates, doors or lights. Easy to programme, with an excellent range and fully authenticated frequency, if security at the touch of a button is what you’re looking for, the Hormann is probably it.

All our transmitters are of excellent quality and offer only the best security, but as each one is different, take a look through all of our range to make sure that you get the right security transmitter for your property.

Of course, if you’re willing to take the next step in garage door security, our Garage Door Wireless keypads offer you the peace of mind that you deserve when parking your new car. The Hormann FFL 12 Radio Finger Scan for example, would not be amiss on programmes such as CSI, with its high-tech biometric fingerprint scanner. Easy to programme and battery operated, the scanner allows up to two people to gain access to your garage without the need for extra hand transmitters. All the keypads within the range are from only the best manufacturers and if fingerprint ID isn’t your thing, we also supply a wide range of numbered keypads that are excellent for those who are blessed in being able to remember the dates of their anniversary.

As well as security being the number one priority for any garage owner, we must all acknowledge that sometimes, not everything goes to plan. That is why our range stocks a wide array of mechanical spares for that one time when that little mishap occurs.

Within our Garage Door Cables you will find a wide and varied selection of premium door cables from a variety of respected manufacturers including Hormmon, Henderson and Cardale. Although we do stock individual cables, we also have a wide range of cable kits and cable parts for the occasion when your cable system needs an entirely new refit. With cables and kits fitting a varied amount of doors and garages, its important to get the right one that you need, so take time out to view all our range to ensure that you are not disappointed.